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A brand new website for your company, your latest project or amazing new idea. Fully built from scratch all the way to fully-functional online presence that will help you to start selling online, test your market or consolidate your ideas.

This is a LIMITED OFFER, valid until the end of April, 2021 and also limited to 4 projects.

Find out more details on Product Description down below.



Have your own online business, at a very affordable price, up and running in no-time.

We will build a website for your company, from scratch. It can be an online store (ecommerce) for you to sell a few products and test your market and concept, an institutional website where you can present your ideas or services, a product landing-page or micro-site, or whatever you wish.

This offer was tailored focusing mostly on the needs of new start-ups, micro-entrepreneurs and small companies struggling to setup or improve their online presence. Nevertheless, it applies for any situation, just like a new micro-site for a specific product or service.

Conditions for this service:

  • This is a limited-time offer and also very limited in number of projects we can accept.
  • This offer consist in a pack of 30 hours of work, with our developers and staff fully committed to your project. Well planned and executed, it is enough for a small and simple institutional website or online store with a few products.
  • Online meetings with customers count as billed working hours.
  • If the customer needs, additional hours can be acquired. We have two up-sell extra-hour packs: one for 16 additional hours at a rate of €15 per hour (total cost €240) and a smaller one for 4 hours at a rate of €20 per hour (total cost €80);
  • Our team can handle all content production on behalf of our customers. These tasks are also billed working hours.
  • All tasks, from systems implementation, structuring the web, coding, creating and editing contents, testing functionalities and so on are time spent working;
  • Hosting and domain cost are charged independently, NOT INCLUDED in price;
  • Prices DO NOT include VAT;

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