The advantages of Digital Marketing

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It’s no secret anymore that Online Marketing is what really matters these days. More and more money is shifting from traditional channels towards digital ones. Experts in the fields of marketing and advertising have no doubt such trend will continue for years to come, with sharp increases on digital marketing investment. Some even argue that digital marketing channels will render the traditional marketing channels totally obsolete during the next decade.

Nevertheless, a large proportion of businesses are still reluctant to embrace all the paradigm changes imposed by the evolution of marketing. And many professionals, despite being already familiar with the concepts of internet marketing, digital technologies, modern devices, and so on, still fail to have a solid grasp on the matter, on how to deal with new challenges, on understanding the impact it brings to their industries and businesses.

But what makes internet marketing so special and so appealing? What features are driving its fast adoption? Why is risky to ignore it or not giving it full priority?

This post aims to give you just a few reasons and features, with simple straight-forward explanations.

Major advantages of digital marketing

Zero entrance barriers

Compared to traditional means, online marketing channels are very cheap and pose lower to zero barriers to entry. Anyone can start with very low budgets and then increase them as the investment proves worthy and its results start to show up. And this levels the field for competition as never seen before.

A gigantic audience

Your market can be as large as you want it. We are more than seven billion people living on this planet. Half of them are already using the internet regularly. Your customer might be anywhere.

Highly measurable

There are endless tools and metrics available to monitor the results of a given digital marketing campaign, even in real-time. No matter if you promoted your campaign on a social network, via an email newsletter advertising your product or service, placing display ads on specialized blogs or community websites, paid results on search engines (SEM), content marketing or any other type of campaign or combination of channels and tactics. Everything is measurable to the infinite.

Easy to test and reconfigure

Given the endless real-time measurability of all online marketing channels, it gets easy to figure out what works better. Again, for each online channel, we can test several different tactics, contents, segmentation, get valuable insights and reallocate resources from less effective campaigns towards those who perform better.

Your brand is everywhere, everytime

Anyone of us is carrying our own digital devices in our pockets and we are connected on a permanent basis. So, why would your company choose not to place itself in front of it’s customers as much as possible? Your competitors will.

Deep and narrow segmentation

A digital marketer can select its target audience nearly on a one-to-one level. It is easy to target where, to whom, when, how, our ads or content will show up, and only pay for relevant consumers. If, for example, your company sells diapers, why the heck will you spend money showing ads to 16 year-old single youngsters? Most likely they’re not interested.

It’s interactive and immediate

Immediate action is utterly necessary these days. A large proportion of online buying is derived from impulse. The potential buyer who visits your website can provide you with valuable information. Or knows someone who might be interested in your product and  shares your link. All kinds of business to customer interaction have to happen in a matter of seconds, otherwise the opportunity is gone.

Track customer behavior

From the moment a prospect customer enters your website, you can follow his or her journey all the way from first interaction until buying or even thereafter to the post sales period. How can your company value that?

It’s potentially engaging and can go viral

A well worked campaign can draw high levels of attention and interest from its audience up to the point where the audience itself feels compelled to share your message further. What if it goes viral? Can you imagine the impact of a viral spread on your company’s  awareness and sales?


Is your company fully committed to the best digital marketing trends and techniques? Or are you still ignoring the vast potential of internet technologies to make your results improve a lot?

Suspend any wrong behaviours, stop postponing the essencial and embrace a change in attitude. Online marketing is here to stay and is something your company needs right now. Save no efforts and invest fearlessly. Make your company harvest the benefits of internet marketing.

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