Is email marketing dead?

Posted on by Paulo Caetano

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There is a wide perception among many marketers and people in general that email is some tool of the past. Such assumption is very far from the reality. In 2020 email still figures among the most effective channels for your marketing efforts. Email is the digital marketing channel with the highest ROI. And it will stay on top for years to come.

According to Drift’s report entitled 2020 State of Conversational Marketing, we can clearly understand that email is not only the number one channel, but its usage has increased in 2019, relatively to 2018.

Many digital marketing experts still consider email as the number one channel for promoting your goods and services. You want examples? Sure. Take a quick look at this link, or this here, maybe even this one, just to name a few.

If your company is not achieving great results from email marketing, something is not being done properly. The first and biggest failure concerns deliverability and it lies mostly in technical issues as we explain in this article. First and foremost you have to assure your emails don’t go to spam. Then you can invest in the message itself.

The message is simple and straightforward. Don’t overlook email marketing. Do it well and be surprised with high ROI rates.

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