Author: Paulo Caetano

Who owns your data?

Your company deals with large quantities of data. But who controls such a valuable asset? Is your company the master of its own data? Where is it hosted? Who can access it?

Is email marketing dead?

No, it’s not. It is very alive and kicking. Many digital marketing experts still consider it #1, the channel with the highest ROI overall.

Online sales are growing fast

The whole world is moving fast to ecommerce, selling more online. Is your company keeping up with the pace? Or is it lagging behind?

Benefits and challenges of CRM systems

These days, “digital transformation” jargon is heard everywhere. Part of it, means automation of your processes. Nevertheless, many companies still don’t even use a CRM system. Are you one of these?

Email marketing biggest failure

No matter how pretty and well crafted your email messages or newsletters might be, if they don’t get well delivered. Are you wasting money on poorly run email marketing campaigns?

The advantages of Digital Marketing

How can digital marketing help your company selling more and get better results? How does it differs from traditional channels? How much does it cost?

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